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Offensive Tanz

© René Löffler


Dance for a Young Audience

TANZKOMPLIZEN is the only venue in Berlin that exclusively and continuously shows dance for a young audience - currently at the Schillertheater-Werkstatt. As part of the TanzZeit association, which offers dance as a subject in more than 60 school classes every year, TANZKOMPLIZEN complements this unique model project with aesthetic perception while watching professional dance pieces. The repertoire currently comprises eleven pieces for different age groups, which are shown for school classes as well as for family audiences. The performances are flanked by a broad range of educational activities.

As part of the Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum, we are asking ourselves the following questions:

What does diversity mean as a level of observation and inclusion as a goal for our work as a Berlin venue in the area of "dance for young audiences"? TANZKOMPLIZEN wants to reflect on its own structures and artistic decisions: Who is on stage as a dancer? Which subjects are set or do arise from them? And which "we" makes decisions and carries them out? Through research phases with numerous interviews with artists, institutions, and consulting organisations we define fields of action for the overall project and for our two planned own productions. The first production which will premiere in April 2020 deals with the topics of obstacles, boundaries and how to overcome them. Furthermore, we will explore the possibilities and limits of an inclusive approach with different participatory formats such as a symposium on dance and racism and mobile productions in order to make diversity visible as a valuable resource of society. The aim is to initiate a design process in which diverse social and aesthetic perspectives coexist and which enables joint action in different spaces of play and reception.


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