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The Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum develops innovative dance and mediation formats for people between 0 and 18 years. As an association of four experienced partners from the contemporary dance and theatre scene for children and young people (PURPLE - International Dance Festival for Young Audiences, TANZKOMPLIZEN, Theater Strahl and Theater o.N.), we improve the exchange and networking of the actors in this field and establish dance for young audiences in the Berlin public in the long term.

Due to the current developments in connection with Covid-19, the Offensive Tanz has decided, in consultation with all partners involved, to suspend rehearsals and shows until at least end of April. The events mentioned in the programme are cancelled and will be presented later this year. Any news will be regularly spread in our newsletter. We would also like to make participation as active as possible on our social media channels by sharing existing material and interesting "Behind The Scenes" information.


© Jörg Metzner

Can Touch This

© Jörg Metzner

© Theater o.N., FRATZ Forschungslabor 2019 UNDO II, Foto: David Beecroft

fliegen und fallen

© Theater o.N., fliegen&fallen, Foto: David Beecroft

fliegen und fallen

© Theater o.N., fliegen&fallen, Foto: David Beecroft

Berliner Schaufenster

© Theater o.N., Berliner Schaufenster 2018, Social Muscle Club, Foto: Jared Gradinger

Can Touch This

© Jörg Metzner


© Marion Borriss

Online and direct Survery

Audience Development

PURPLE and Offensive Tanz

Fri, 1.05.2020

Different Venues

© Jörg Metzner


STRAHL.Special Training for educational staff

Theater Strahl

Thu, 4.06.2020

STRAHL.Probebühne, Kyffhäuserstr. 23, 10781 Berlin

From the Blog

© Philippe Weissbrodt

Michaela Schlagenwerth

Volle Kraft voran

Beim Tanzfestival PURPLE geht im Januar die Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum Berlin an den Start.

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